Boy with knife carnation, 2023


Boy with knife carnation, public sculpture installed for one year, as part of The Liverpool Plinth collaboration between dot art and Liverpool Parish Church.

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Boy with knife carnation is a piece originally conceived as a meditation on the potential of violence. The knife in the original sculpture is replaced with a carnation, which will be replaced to change colour throughout the year. In Ukrainian culture, different coloured carnations are used to symbolise different feelings and emotions. Red carnations, for example, are given on 8 May to veterans, white are given as a sign of pure love and pink to mothers to celebrate undying love.

"I am honoured to see this sculpture in the public realm at St. Nicholas Church. The contemporary hooded boy is at the threshold to adolescence, a time of turmoil and uncertainty. His pose represents uncertainty: How will he remain on the path of peace in the light of external and internal conflict?" B. Jurack

The Liverpool Plinth is a public art partnership between Liverpool BID Company, dot-art and Liverpool Parish Church. Boy with knife carnation is the latest sculpture to be installed onto the Plinth, helping to enrich public spaces within Liverpool's Culture & Commerce BID Area. Established in 2018, The Liverpool Plinth is located at the Grade II listed Liverpool Parish Church, the Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas, and is managed together with Liverpool BID Company and dot-art.

Reveal photographs by Kat Hannon and Alan Dunn.