Research project: Irfaran 2004-6
The narrative of Irfaran emerges from the author's travels across the Baltic States, northern Germany and Italy, as well as in the UK. Tracing a lineage of Wanderschaft back to the Middle Ages, this travelling artist passes through the Baltic States down to Odessa, from West Germany to the former East, from Swansea across to The Mumbles and then on to northern England, seeking to find meaning in the act of arriving, as both tourist and worker.

From these journeys, impressions of the places visited are initially recorded in photographs and writings, and subsequently developed into Souvenir Sculptures. Brigitte Jurack's sculptural works, travel writings and monochrome photographs provide moments of revelation triggered by the peripheral and neglected architecture of modern cities pressured by tourism. This book is illustrated with over 30 black and white plates, together with photographic documentation of the sculptures.

The sculptures are plaster, gesso, timber, 30 sculptures each approximately 48x35x40cm.

Research project: Lakes 2002-4

Lakes is a series of sculptures based on bathymetric charts of land-bound lakes and of a memory of flying over Newfoundland; the pull between unknowability and omniscience, between awe and appetite. The sculptures are approximately 270 x 100 x 170 cm in scale and assembled in such a way that the spectator has to manoeuvre him/herself through the numerous works. All works polymer-enforced plaster, resin, oil paint and timber. Bottom image: proposition for ceiling installation.

still waters run deep, published in association with The Art & Democracy Research Group, Manchester, 2004, 16pp A5, 13 colour illustrations. ISBN 0-9518551-4-X. Essays by Malcolm Newson and Dr Claudia Wegener.